Why choose Perama tour ?
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Perama, a company named after the founding father, is a develop company that has been established since 1969. Perama runs social business, with mission statement - to increase tourist flow and develop tourist destination by preserving nature and raising people's welfare.

To realize the mission, Perama working hand in hand with 4 main stakeholders - government, businessman, society, and tourist to maintain and develop some social project in the spirit of Gotong Royong, a truly Indonesian philosophy.

Perama shares 20% of its profit for the social project and manage its team to become a volunteer in every social project.

By joining our program, you (the tourist) actually have participated in maintaining the social project such as:
- Tree planting
- Coral replantation
- Providing mini library for schools
- Providing public toilet and shower
- Mangrove replantation
- Sponsoring the fisherman for trap net and sustainable boat machine

All the programs to be carry on the Lesser Sunda area, specially East Lombok, Sumbawa Coastal, and Flores island with motto BISA (we can ; Clean, Beautiful, Healty, Safe) and SAPA (Smile, Familiar, Good service, Enthusiasm) ,we have the spirit to support our country.